Kits by Motor

This list contains all of our conversion kit offerings organized by motor series. For each motor series we generally have the kit available in a few configurations;

1) Barebones Kit: This configuration is for people who just want a basic throttle-controlled ebike with or no display. They use either a thumb or twist throttle with a simple readout of battery voltage and do not have any PAS or torque sensor options. They are great for people who want to keep things simple out of the gate. Only fixed regen is available in these sytems

2) CA3 Kit: Our RTR kit bundles include an optional downtube battery pack, internal baserunner controller, CA3-WP display, and a range of torque and PAS sensor options and other bells and whistles. These are fully featured retrofits and are supplied with all the controller and Cycle Analyst settings configured to work fine out of the box.

3) High Voltage/Power Kit: Our more powerful motor options are also available with Phaserunner controllers for those who want to run at 72V and/or use external 3rd party battery packs. These kits also include a CA3 device for all the same features of the RTR kits, including motor temperature sensing and automatic thermal rollback.

For a detailed summery of each kit style, please visit our conversion kits product info page. If you're really new to this stuff and don't understand all the parts and options or what will work best on your bike, then please have a read of our kit component summary page and bike compatibility guides first and things will be more clear.

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