We have Moved!  

Our new location is at 1290 Odlum Drive and we are loving it here. All our core operations (manufacturing, packing/shipping, wheelbuilding, kit preparation) are up and running with RMA processing being the last thing to come online.  


Topeak Mondopack XL Seatpost Bag with Quickclick. Fits up to 6 LiGo Battery Modules
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Topeak Mondopack XL Seatpost Bag with quickclip rather than velcro straps for holding it from the seat rails. This allows you to quickly remove and reattach the battery pack from the saddle. Fits 4 LiGo batteries in the standard form, and up to 6 LiGo's by opening the expansion zipper. https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/saddle-bags/382-mondopack-xl
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