TDCM Direct Drive with Internal Gear Hub - Unlaced. 30mm stator, 305rpm winding, 5 Speed Sturney Archer Pedal Hub with Shifter. 1/8" Chain 18T Sprocket. 4 bolt Rohloff disc mount. New L10 connector. 

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TDCM Internally Geared Hub - 30mm stator, unlaced, 305rpm winding, new L10 connector. Internal 5Spd Sturmey Archer gear hub, disc brake compatible with 4 bolt Rohloff disc rotors, compatible with Statorade in Hub for maximum thermal performance. Requires 1/8" Chain and is best with slotted horizontal dropouts. Does not work with conventional torque arms and supplied anti-rotation plate can be difficult to engage in vertical dropouts.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Taiwan
Actual Weight (kg) 6.54
Motor Power Range (Watts) 500-1000
Motor KV (RPM / V) 8.9
Phase Resistance (Ohm) 0.233
Disk Brake Compatible Yes
Connector(s) L1019
Axle Length (O.L.D.) 135
Spoke Holes 36 Hole
Motor Type Direct Drive
Flange Spoke Diameter (mm) 210
Magnetic Pole Pairs (Phaserunner) 16
Speedo Poles (for CA) 16
Hysteresis Losses (N-m) 0.78
Eddie Losses (N-m / rad/sec) 0.006
Motor Inductance (H) .0008
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