Geared Stokemonkey Motor, with 16T Disk Cog
Geared Stokemonkey Motor, based on Bafang G02 Front Hub

This is a front geared hub motor with some axle spacers that to make it be a drop in fit for the 120mm spacing of the stokemonkey motor bracket. Rather than using an external screw on freewheel, it has a 16 tooth cog bolted to the disk mount and uses the intrinsic freewheeling nature of a geared hub to achieve freewheeling.

For more information please see the Stokemonkey page

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Actual Weight (kg) 3.3
Motor Power Range (Watts) 500-1000
Motor KV (RPM / V) 9.5
Phase Resistance (Ohm) 0.101
Thermistor Style 10K NTC, B~3450 w/Speedo
Axle Length (O.L.D.) 120
Spoke Holes 36 Hole
Motor Type Direct Drive
Magnetic Pole Pairs (Phaserunner) 50
Speedo Poles (for CA) 6
Hysteresis Losses (N-m) 0.41
Eddie Losses (N-m / rad/sec) 0.024
Motor Inductance (H) 0.00025