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Standard 48V 8A Satiator

Cycle Satiator Universal Programmable Battery Charger for 24V-52V Nominal Batteries, 63V 8A Max Output.
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The Cycle Satiator is a universal charger for all types of ebike batteries. You can program up to 20 custom charge profiles for any lead, nickel, or lithium battery pack with a full charge voltage of 60V or less. With 360 watts of charging power, it is over twice as fast as your normal 4 amp "Fast Charger", and yet it fits in a smaller package.
Has CSA, UL, and CE regulatory approval.
More Information
Actual Weight (kg) 1.06
ETA Nov. 9, 2017
Output Voltage (V) 63
Charger Current (A) 8
Connector(s) XLR
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