DC-DC Converters

Page Last Modified On: February 13, 2022

For many years Grin produced a range of very small form factor step-down DC-DC converters in order to run electronic accessories from an ebike battery pack. However, due to shifting prioritization we decided pause our in-house DC-DC production in 2020 and instead carry a few overseas models in order to free up engineering and manufacturing resources for other projects. We may choose to get back into this space in the future but for now we're afraid you'll have to make do with the bulkier china import converters.

This page is being left up for legacy and support reasons. 

Standard 2A Step Down Converters

For those who already have their own lighting system or other accessories we manufacture miniature stand alone DC-DC converters with 5,6 and 12V outputs, as well as custom 7.2V, 8.4V, and 19V on special request. Our DC-DCs are rugged and compact, completely potted in thermal epoxy leaving no concern of water, dust or snow damage. They have a sturdy 18 AWG power cable at the input through to a straight 5.5x2.1mm DC plug on the output and include the mating DC plug jack for you to wire in to your own system.

Also note that these miniature DC-DCs we currently offer are NOT isolated, meaning that the output ground is always the same as the rest of your system and that they cannot be doubled up to run in series nor can they be connected in parallel to power a single load. 

5V(10W) Ideal for running 5V electronics devices 
6V(10W) For older halogen systems based on the dynamo standard.
12V(20W)  Good for automotive accessories, halogen lights or anything else that requires a 12V input. 

All devices come in the same slim 42x23x12mm (1.7x0.91x0.47") package with about 60cm (24") of 18 AWG cable on the input side, 90cm (36") at the output plus another 30cm (12") attached to the included mating plug. They have an input range of up to 75V max, and are recommended for 24V to 52V nominal battery setups. Unfortunately these units are not able to run from 72V nominal batteies.  When drawing close to the maximum load, the DC-DC converters will get quite hot so it is best to keep them exposed to air flow under high load situations rather than tucked into a bag. 

Dual USB Converter

As well, we also manufacture a dual USB output DC-DC converter which is fully isolated and is compatible with 72V nominal batteries (84V max input). This unit can deliver up to 3 amps or 15 watts of USB power, and has specially tailored behavior on the USB signal lines so that devices like tablets and smart phone will charge at their maximum supported rate, up to 1.8 amps for an iPad for instance. Most standard USB adapters will only charge at 500mA.  Each of the two USB charging channels also has an LED indicator row on it so that you can see how many amps of charge current is flowing into your USB device, and check at a glance if the charging is complete or not.

We have heard several instances of people damaging their expensive electronic devices from plugging into the cheap USB plugs present in many ebike electronics and batteries these days, since they can often fail in a way that results in full battery voltage on the USB output. We set out with this project to make the most premium USB charger possible, without cutting any corners in the power electronics and squeezing in every feature we thought useful.

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