Battery Anchors

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Universal Grin Battery Anchor:

With this rail adapter, you don't have to buy the so-so quality eZee racks to mechanically lock the battery to your bike. The flexible clamp blocks can secure tightly to rack tubes from 4mm up to 12mm in diameter and at any angle. You can attach it horizontally on top of the rack and the battery sits up 15mm leaving enough space for panier hooks on the side. Or, you can clamp them on the side, leaving room for a trunk bag on top or giving you the option of having 2 or 3 batteries all locked to the rack.
With the twisting rather than sliding action to engage the rail, the battery can also fit in areas that otherwise don't have clearance for a battery to slide in and out. And once the battery is locked in place, it covers up the fasteners that holds the clamps together, so that even a thief equipped with tools wouldn't be able to take it off.
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