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For local customers wanting to purchase items, please place and pay for the order online first and we will notify you when it is ready for pickup. We are not setup in a manner that allows us to effectively serve unexpected walk-in customers right now.

Email (orders, order status, shipping, and payments) (technical questions or troubleshooting issues)  


Email is by far our preferred mode of communication, as it provides a nice written record of all correspondence, allows us to send direct links to relevant articles and videos for further study, and allows multiple staff to pick up the same thread when necessary.



We have 2 phone lines and they are often busy as we use the phone for important business to business communication.  If you have basic questions about components, want to place an order but aren't sure of certain things etc. then best to send us a detailed email and you will get a thorough reply. The same goes for more advanced technical support and advice. Our technical staff are not generally available by phone but they will routinely scan emails both during and after work hours. If you phone in with specific questions and we tell you to email instead, please do not take offence, this is to help ensure you get correct information and to serve you better.


1-(604)-569-0902, Tue-Thurs 12pm-6pm, Fri 12pm-5pm.


Please do not mail any item to our address at 1290 Odlum Drive without first requesting an RMA number from us. We can receive dozens of packages in a day, without an RMA it's likely to get lost on the shuffle.


Some Common Contact Questions

Of the many hundreds and hundreds of emails that we get a week, there are usually several dozen from people trying to reach us for one of the following reasons below. As a way of just saving some time, we've written out our general policy on these fronts which you should digest first.

Cross Promotions

Sometimes people want to do link exchanges to increase traffic to respective websites, do a promo video on one of our products in exchange for a stake in the sales revenue, etc. While we understand that this is increasingly the way people drum up business and viewership these days, it's not an activity that we engage in at all, and it goes against the philosophy of our operation. This is why you almost never see Grin or Grin products in any kind of "top 10" list on a website, but you see us routinely referenced as a top supplier in actual forums of actual ebike users.

Embedded articles

We are also regularly asked by people if they can have their own ebike related article inserted on our blog page and such. If you are like us and have an interest in writing new and accurate ebike content to share freely with the masses then that is great! You can post it on your website or on the various other platforms as you see fit, but isn't one of them. Our domain is exclusively for our use and our own content. 


We're frequently asked by student groups and people launching on EV-trips for us to sponsor their project or trip by donating merchandise in exchange for logo placement and such. To be clear, we don't really give a rats ass about having our logo featured or the potential 'marketing value' of our sponsorship, and get offended by the transactional nature of that proposal. What we do care about is seeing individuals and groups with a pure heart pursue innovative and original EV projects, and when we think something is justifiably awesome then we will very often step up to help. Sometimes that is with free products, sometimes with discounted products, and in almost all cases we'll give free but invaluable tech advice when we think it's needed.

Great Idea!

We are also contacted quite often by individuals who think they have a great idea related to ebikes / PEV's and want to pitch it to us to develop. This field is still plenty ripe for many more innovations, but we can tell you as well that it is exceedingly rare for us to see an idea pitched this way that we haven't come across or thought about ourselves in the almost 20 years we've been working in this space. We'll be happy to give our 2 cents about any suggestion if you are looking for honest feedback, but if you insist that your great idea can only be discussed after signing an NDA, we'll take a hard pass.

Business Consultation

We're also approached by business owners who recognize our expertise and experience with the entirety of low power EV systems, and want to know if we can create a custom products for them. In general we have our hands totally full with our own internal development efforts and don't have the capacity to tackle more than that. However, if one of our products is almost a perfect fit and just requires some straightforward customization to work in your application, then there may be possibilities.