Motor Simulator

Our ebike motor simulator allows you to easily simulate the different performance characteristics of different ebike setups - with a wide selection of hub motors modeled, and the ability to add custom batteries and controllers and set a wide variety of vehicle parameters you'll be able to see how factors such as throttle level, bike weight, hill grade and many more directly affect the performance of an ebike. You can even compare two different setups at a glance and at higher power levels and hill grades you'll even get an estimation of how long it would take the motor to overheat!

Trip Simulator

Trip Analyzer

The Trip Analyzer lets you view trip log data from the Cycle Analyst and Analogger in order to see your energy usage and other stats from an ebike trip. With the GPS Analogger, you can see your exact route location on the map and all your electrical details at any given point on the way. It is also possible to upload and share trip logs in order to compare and scrutinize the energy usage and performance of your setup.

Spoke Calculator

Our handy spoke length calculator allows for easy calculation of spoke length for custom builds - and is the only one of its kind to include paired spoke holes in the flange as is common with many large diameter hub motors. It also creates an automatic side view drawing of the laced wheel and computes the spoke nipple angle where it enters the rim. There is a drop-down list of many common hub motors and rims, and you also have the ability to measure the hub and rim directly and plug-in those numbers if an option isn't listed.

Charge Simulator

The Satiator Charge Simulator is a web application for creating custom charge profiles for your lithium battery pack. It allows you to view a simulated charging graph to see the charging time in difference scenarios, produce partial charge profiles to maximize battery cycle life, and download the resulting profiles to your Satiator charger to use on your actual battery.