Cycle Analyst V2

The V2 Cycle Analyst was the standard bearer for a universal ebike dashboard for many many years. Unlike the V3 device, the V2 CA was meant just to monitor what was going on with the electric vehicle without playing an active role in the throttle control. However, the V3 CA can do this just as well plus much more, and has now fully replaced the V2 units.

Cycle Lumenator

We developed the Cycle Lumenator ebike light back when there were no wide ranging ebike lights on the market. It worked with battery voltages from 12V up to 100V and output an impressive 1000 lumens through four Cree LEDs. We designed it around an off-the-shelf halogen light housing, and had to discontinue production when this light housing was no longer available.

Cycle Stoker

The Cycle Stoker was Grin’s attempt at doing a mid-drive system similar to the Stokemonkey, but with the added benefit of a freewheeling crankset and torque sensing. It had a single chain on the right side that looped around the drive motor sprocket and could sense pedal force on the chain itself. Although it worked well, the constant mechanical wear and tear on sprockets and freewheels ultimately convinced us to go all-in with hub motors, and we’ve never looked back.

DC-DC Converters

In the past we manufactured a range of ultra compact DC-DC buck converters that would step down the high voltage of an ebike battery pack into lower voltage for powering accessories. These provided power for 6V or 12V devices as well as 5V USB chargers. We stopped manufacturing them in 2020 so that our manufacturing staff could focus on other products.


Our Electrolight series was a set of front and rear LED lights that operated from a wide 12-100V input range, fully potted in epoxy resin for superb robustness. These lights weren’t meant to light up the road, but provided excellent visibility of the ebike to oncoming traffic. We discontinued production in 2021 as plenty of inexpensive import ebike lights are now on the market.

Electric Edgerunner

The original Xtracycle Edgerunner cargo bike was brought into fruition after a chance visit with the legendary handmade bike builder Sam Wittingham. He had built a unique small wheeled bike for his daughter based around Xtracycle’s cargo platform, and we desperately wanted to see that commercialized. We were involved in creating the first 2012 production run, working with Xtracycle, Sam, and eZee bicycles.

Grinfineon Controllers

The Grinfineon controllers were our go-to controller series for many years. We were able to take the once popular infineon controllers and have a custom firmware produced that supported dual sensored/sensorless mode and proportional regenerative braking. But lack of product evolution and problems with the supplier led us to focus entirely on the more capable Baserunner / Phaserunner series, and in 2021 we dropped the Grinfineons completely.


The Stokemonkey was among the first mid-drive conversion kits on the market, using a hub motor and sprocket to drive the left ring of a tandem crankset.. It was developed by Todd Fahner specifically for the Xtracycle longtail bikes, and in ~2013 Grin took over production and distribution when Clevercycles lost interest, adapting it to more modern controllers and motors. The design may be old school, but there are many 100’s of Stokemonkey setups still faithfully hauling people around to this day.