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Grin Technologies is a Vancouver-based company that was started by UBC engineers in 2005 to advance electric bike technology. We have grown over the past 15 years with the help of many inspired and talented people and our team now consists of 28 creative, diverse and unique employees designing, developing, manufacturing and selling leading edge electric bike components from our new manufacturing space in East Van. 

We value the creative, adventurous spirit and the DIY ethic.  Many of our staff have their own passion projects and we support their development with opportunities to learn and build using our shop (after training of course).  Working at Grin means being part of a team of people who are passionate about what we do, and who believe that electric assist can help expand the reach of bicycles and other vehicles to a much wider audience and have a greater impact. 

Be part of the eBike revolution!

Here are our current open positions:

WOMEN IN TECH!! - We are actively seeking to add more women in our tech manufacturing positions. If you are interested in working in a tech field please contact us directly so we can match your skills and interests with work here.  

eBIKE TECHNICAL GURU's- We are always on the lookout for people who live and breath electric vehicle technologies and who have a passion for innovation and DIY. Contact us directly if you are in Vancouver and want to be part of the E-volution!

Application and Compensation

If you are interested in applying to Grin in any of the capacities listed above, please send us a resume and cover letter via email to careers AT The exact starting compensation offered for each position would depend on the skill set and background experience of the applicant.