Ebike Parts

Ebike Parts


Here are all of Grin's battery packs currently for sale, including Reention case downtube batteries, rear rack eZee packs, and some small bottle shape batteries for lighter builds. For a higher-level description of the battery options, view our battery info page.

Battery Accessories

Various mounting brackets, cable extensions, and repair/replacement casings for our battery packs are listed here.


Every now and then we have books relating to ebike technology and ebike history that are of potential interest to our customers. It's a bit sparse now, but as big fans of old-fashioned printed books we hope to offer a full catalog of reference literature one day.


All of our battery chargers are CE and (c)UL certified, sealed, fan-free, and terminated with either ST3 or XLR charge plugs. We have both dedicated chargers for specific voltage batteries, as well as our universal Satiator charger that can be programmed for a wide range of battery types and voltages.

Charger Accessories

Various adapter cables, wiring extensions, and repair parts that related to our stock of battery chargers.


Here is Grin's listing of stand-alone motor controllers. While we used to have a range of generic controllers like the Grinfineon, Crystalyte, and eZee offerings, we decided to pair this down to just the Phaserunner and Baserunner series which have maximum versatility and can be configured to work with virtually any brushless motor model.

Controller Accessories

Various mounting brackets, cables, and connectors that relate to our motor controller offerings.


Here is an assortment of spare mating connectors for the various power, signal, and charging ports used in our systems. Historically we had standardized our ebike parts to use Anderson Powerpole connectors for anything that handles significant current (like the battery and motor phase wires), and JST-SM connectors for any of the small signal wires.  Now things are increasingly done with overmolded connectors which you will find as premade cables in the wiring category.

Cycle Analysts

The Cycle Analyst is much more than just an old-looking display and is the central control feature for most of our advanced kits. With some custom throttle wiring you can also use it (via the Stand Alone or High Current models) to add PAS and torque control, thermal rollback, current limiting, low voltage rollback, and numerous other features to generic 3rd party controllers too.

CA Accessories

There are a number of input accessories, mounting accessories, wiring accessories, and repair parts available for the Cycle Analyst devices.

DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters take the relatively high voltage of your ebike battery pack and step that down to a lower voltage for running everyday electronic accessories. We used to manufacture in-house a range of super compact 5V, 6V, and 12V dc-dc converters but now have a single imported unit with programmable output, as well as a very handy handlebar phone mount with a USB charging port on it. Both operate with up to 72V nominal batteries.


Ebrakes are regular brake levers that have a built-in switch to let the electrical system know that you are braking. This can trigger regenerative braking in non-freewheeling hub motors, or safety cutoff in geared freewheeling motors.

Freewheels and Cassettes

Almost all Grin-supplied hub motors now use Shimano-HG compatible cassette freehubs. We stock these in 7-10 speeds, and also carry a range of screw-on freewheels with small 11T cogs for people using older/cheaper hub motors with the threaded freewheel mount. Not sure of the difference? Sheldon Brown can tell you.


The bike lights offered by Grin all run directly from your ebike battery pack regardless of voltage, with all models working up 60V and a few models that are compatible with 72V packs as well. The front lights also feature mechanical on/off switches. All models at terminated with a DC 5.5x2.1mm jack.

Hub Motors

We carry a very wide assortment of front and rear hub motors for just about every need. From the tiny G311's to the mighty RH212. All our motors are unlaced and can be hand-built into a rim of your choosing. Most motors are available in at least two different winding speeds as well.

Motor Hardware

Parts to keep your motor running.

PAS/Torque Sensors

Options to add automatic pedal assistance to engage the motor on your bike.


32h and 36h rims for your wheel builds. All of our hub motors have 36-hole flanges, except for our own Grin All-Axle motor, which is 32 holes.


We carry a few different options to add solar power to your touring bikes, trailers or DIY projects. See our Solar Learning page for more information.


We sell custom length Sapim Strong and EStrong (12-13g) single butted spokes in both black and silver, for all your hub-motor specific wheel building needs.


Linear hall effect throttles which will output a 1-4v signal when powered with a 5V supply. Twist or lever style.


Doing a repair? Get the right tool for the job!

Torque Arms

We now have a full range of 7 torque arm models in production that together fit almost all front/rear 12 and 14mm axle motors, along with special ones for regen braking use. We also offer motor-specific arms for the Grin All-Axle and GMAC motors.


Cable extensions, wiring harnesses, motor cables and any other wiring bits you need for your ebike system.


T-shirts and Hats and Stickers

If you are building an electric bicycle from scratch, upgrading an existing build, looking for new accessories, or repairing a broken setup, we’ve pretty much got everything covered here. We strive to stock ebike hardware designed for maximum universality. Our ebike lights will work no matter what voltage battery you use, our controllers work with just about all motors and battery voltages, our torque-arms adapt to almost any bike frame, and our Cycle Analysts can interface with almost any ebike setup to provide a versatile display and control console.