Getting Started

Getting Started

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This is a landing page for people who are relatively fresh to DIY ebikes and are thinking about doing a conversion. It outlines what the conversion process entails, and provides multiple links to different parts of our website that you really should read and understand before contacting Grin with further questions.

Ebike Parts Explained

Here we give a brief summary of the key components that make up an ebike conversion and the role that they play. Some things like motors and batteries are probably familiar to everyone, while motor controllers, PAS sensors, etc. are less familiar but important to know about.

Kits Vs Turnkey

A conversion kit is definitely not for everyone, and with a staggering number of factory ebikes now on the market people might wonder why bother to retrofit a non-electric bike. Well it turns out there are still plenty of great reasons why a conversion can be a best option for you, and we review some of the main benefits here.

Hub Motor Options

At Grin we’re known for carrying a wide assortment of hub motor models to address the enormously varied needs and requirements that come up with ebike retrofits. However, the set of choices can also be dizzying. This page summarizes the core features of each stocked hub motor model and where they are most suitable.

Kit Types

We have a few different types of conversion kit available for any given hub motor. Barebones systems for a basic throttle-only setup, Superharness systems for the addition of pedal sensors and modern ebike displays, and Cycle Analyst systems for the most customizable feature set.

Battery Options

Similarly, there are quite a few battery choices available, in different voltages, form factors, and capacities. This page goes over the process of selecting the right battery model in our catalog for the needs of your particular project.

PAS Options

Most ebikes these days offer some form of automated pedal control (PAS = Pedal Assist System), where the motor is powered in response to you pedaling the cranks and not just from a throttle on the handlebar. Here we summarize both the Cadence based and Torque based PAS sensors available for all the Grin kits.