Understand what you are Getting Into

Please note that we are a first and foremost an engineering company that makes and supplies electric bike equipment geared towards DIYers’ and enthusiasts. This is a place for people who aren’t intimidated to get their hands a little dirty and dive into the mad and exciting world of home-made ebikes. We have made a considerable effort to make everything as simple as possible to put together, but we are not pretending that this is like buying ready to assemble furniture from IKEA. You are buying parts for a project, your project, and not a boxed consumer product.

On that front we give tons of technical support and assistance to those with an eagerness to learn. We’ve also done our best to thoroughly document the different items throughout our website and have written comprehensive user manuals for own GRIN products. But you won’t find a printed step-by-step installation guide for a conversion kit as every conversion is unique. No one promises it’s as easy as 1-2-3. You are modifying a bicycle to include a motorized drive system, something that the bicycle was not explicitly designed for, and fitting/compatibility/strength issues are common.

For more information please see links to our purchasing, warranty, shipping and privacy policies on the left.