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One of the things about meshing complex electrical and mechanical systems together is that occasionally things can go wrong! We've seen more than our fair share of ebike issues come and go over the years - from shot ball bearings, seized freewheels and stripped threads to defective hall sensors, blown mosfets and connector issues. We've learnt a lot along the way and continue to use this experience to help create more efficient and more reliable electric bikes.

Troubleshooting Documents


Testing for Blown Mosfets

This guide will show you how to use a multimeter to test a controller's mosfets.

Testing for a Defective Hall Sensor

This guide will show you how to test the hall sensors in a motor to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Testing a Throttle

This guide will show you how to test the operation of your throttle.

Removing a motor stator from the hub

In this repair guide we'll show you how to remove the guts of the motor from the hub using a gear puller.

Repairing a defective hall sensor

This repair guide will show you how to fix a defective hall sensor inside a hub motor.

Grin Connector Guide

This modification guide will show you how to use Anderson Powerpole connectors and JST-SM series connectors

Troubleshooting / Repair Videos