Kits by Type

Kits by Type

Barebones Kits

The Barebones Kits have just a throttle control with built in voltage LED indicator. They are great for minimal builds with no wiring clutter, but lack some of the features that more experienced ebike riders tend to appreciate.

CA3 Kits

These kits all use a V3 Cycle Analyst as both the display and the primary control system for handling and modulating the response to throttles, torque sensors, PAS sensors, and ebrake cutoffs. They are the most versatile system available and are well suited to more technically minded ebike enthusaists. 

Superharness Kits (NEW!)

These kits support PAS and Torque sensors hooked up directly to the motor controller with a modern-looking ebike display. They are a great option for mainstream ebike users who are not interested in the in-depth technical information and customization capabilities of a Cycle Analyst setup. 

Freewheeling Kits

The freewheeling kits all use internally geared hub motors that freewheel when the motor is not in use. This allows the hub to spin freely with zero additional motor drag, which is ideal for people who expect to ride a substantial portion of their trip under leg power only.

Regen Kits

Both direct drive hub motor and geared motors without a clutch are capable of doing regenerative braking, a must-have feature for many ebike riders once they've experienced it.

High Voltage Kits

These kits come with 72V battery packs for those who have a special need for high-speed applications that run at a high system voltage. It's not something that we particularly endorse, but the motors are capable of running at much higher rpm's when people need that.

Minimal Kits (legacy)

The Minimal Kits offer a basic throttle-only control system, for those wanting the simplest setup with no display or voltage indicator .

Grin's Ready-to-Roll (RTR) kits are largely pre-configured hub motor packages that include a downtube battery pack with an integrated Baserunner Motor Controller. They are clean to install and use our new waterproof CA3-WP device with integrated handlebar switch for turning the system on and off and adjusting pedal assist levels. See the RTR Intro Video or the Kits Summary Page for details on the motor choices, and the Advanced PAS Page to understand the PAS and Torque sensors.