Ebike Parts

We stock a wide assortment of discrete parts used in DIY ebike builds and and aftermarket ebike upgrades. Shop here if you are looking for specific hardware or accessories. In general everything is compatible with the Grin connector ecosystem, but if you want to get parts for replacing or upgrading a factory ebike you should do your own research on compatibility.

Kits by Type

Here our conversion kits are organized by general kit type, so you can see all the conversion systems available in a given category. The Barebones kits have no display with throttle only control, while the Cycle Analyst V3 systems have a range of advanced control options.

Kits by Motor

Here we have the kits organized by specific motor. If you know the hub motor model that you want, then you can choose between the various kit packages offered around that motor.

Full Ebikes

We have a limited supply of premade cargo bikes and mountain bikes built up here at Grin with our All-Axle rear hub motors.

Special Lists

This section includes our clearance items, newly added items, as well as a catalog of discontinued items for the record.


Basic info about what you're getting into when you purchase DIY ebike components from Grin.

Welcome to the online storefront for Grin Technologies. Our goal is to maintain a large unique selection of electronic accessories, hub motors, controllers, batteries, and bundled conversion kits suitable for both ebikes and other small EV projects.
If you are new to the scene and considering an ebike conversion but are lost with all the options, please read our Kits Overview page, our Intro to Ebike Components, our Bike Compatibility Guide, and finally our explanation of Battery Options to have a solid grounding before you send us an inquiry. 

Below is a clickable list of items stocked in Vancouver, BC, Canada, for sale to PEV enthusiasts around the world.