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We've produced a lot of manuals, troubleshooting guides and specification sheets here at and we figured it would be good to have easy access to all this in one spot.

Installation Guides / Manuals

Basic Introductory Guide to Ebike Conversions
eZee Kit:
2015 eZee Controller Manual and User Guide
eZee Kit Install Manual 1.0
eZee Kit Install Manual 2.0
eZee Kit Install Manual 2.3
eZee 5LED Console Manual
Installation Guide for GMAC Motor and Torque Arm
TDCM IGH Hub Motor Manual
TDCM IGH Shifter Installation Guide
Grin Controller Manuals:
Phaserunner V3 Updates List
Phaserunner Controller V2.0
Phaserunner Controller Manual, Rev 1.0
Phaserunner Controller Manual, Draft
Current 20A SineWave Grinfineon Controller Manual with Thermistor Passthru for Brompton Kits, Rev2.2
Current 20A SineWave Grinfineon Controller Manual with Higo Motor Plug, Rev2.2
Current 25A, 35A, and 40A SineWave Grinfineon Controller Manual, Rev2.2
Original Grinfineon Controller Manual, Rev1.0
SineWave Grinfineon Controller Manual, Rev2.0
Stoke Monkey:
Original Stoke Monkey Manual
Torque Sensor Manuals:
Thun Sensor
TDCM Sensor
Cycle Satiator
Satiator Manual for V1.0 Firmware 2019
Satiator Manual for V1.0 Firmware 2017
Satiator Manual for V0.9X Firmware
Satiator Preliminary Manual for V0.8X Firmware
Satiator Family 2015 Sales Brochure
Satiator 2014 Sales Brochure
Cycle Analyst Manuals:
V3.1 Official Manual
Teklektik Unofficial V3 Manual
V2.4 Quick Start Manual
V2.3 Complete Manual
Older Version Manuals:
Large Cycle Analyst V2.25
Large Cycle Analyst V2.23
Cycle Anlayst V2.23
Cycle Analyst V2.2
Cycle Analyst V2.1
Cycle Analyst V2.1 (French)
Cycle Analyst Manual
DrainBrain Manual
Cycle Analogger Manuals:
Cycle Analogger
Cycle Analogger/Logomatic Hookup Guide
Cycle Analogger GPS mod for CA hookup
Connector and Wiring:
Guide to Create a Motor Controller with WP8 Cycle Analyst Plug Compatibility
Grin Anderson and JST Connector Crimping Guide
Wiring Rear 8LED Lights for Turn Signals
3 Position Switch WIring for CA3 Aux Input Device
Guide to Building DIY Digi Aux Buttons for CA3.1 Firmware
Replacing Edgerunner LED Consule with V3 Cycle Analyst
Wiring Edgerunner for a THUN Sensor
Adding a Speedometer Sensor to CA-DP to Convert to DPS
Adding Direct Plug V3 Cycle Analyst Connector to Golden Motors
Grin Infineon Controller Specs and Wiring Diagram
Replacing BMS Ciricuit on old LiFePO4 Battery
Battery Manuals:
36V 9Ah LiFe Battery Manual Rev 1.1
2014 36V 15Ah eZee Battery Manual, Sony Cells, Rev 1.3
2014 48V 10Ah eZee Battery Manual, Sony Cells, Rev 1.3
36V 14Ah eZee Battery Manual, Samsung Cells, Rev 1.1
48V 10Ah eZee Battery Manual Samsung Cells, Rev 1.1

Grin CAD Drawings

Hub Motors:
Grin All-Axle Front Hub
GMAC Rear Hub
eZee Front Hub
eZee Rear Freewhel Hub
eZee Rear Cassette Hub
Pre-2015 Rear eZee Hub
Outrider Front Hub
Bafang G01 Geared Front Hub
Bafang G310 Rear Cassette Hub
Bafang G311 Front Hub
Bafang G60 170mm Rear Fatbike Hub
Bafang G60 190mm Rear Fatbike Hub
Bafang D410 8" Scooter Motor
Bafang Wheelbarrow Motor
SOFP Geared Brompton Motor with 75mm Axle
Shengyi SX1 Front Geared Hub
Shengyi SX2 Rear Geared Hub
Crystalyte NSM 75mm Front Axle
Crystalyte SAW20, 75mm Front Axle
Crystalyte Crown TC30XX Rear
Crystalyte Crown TC40XX Rear
Crystalyte H22XX Front Disk
Crystalyte H35XX Rear Disk
Crystalyte H35XX Front Disk
Crystalyte H35XX Single Sided
Crystalyte H35 UFO Rear
Crystalyte H35 UFO Front
Crystalyte H35 Rear 142x12 Thru Axle
Crystalyte H40 Rear 148x12 Thru Axle
Crystalyte 400 Series Front
Crystalyte 400 Series Rear
Crystalyte 400 Series Rear Disk
Crystalyte 5300 Series Front Disk
Crystalyte 5300 Series Rear Disk
Crystalyte 5400 Series Rear Disk
Official Front Nine Continent FH212 Motor
Official Nine Continent RH212 Series Cassette Motor
Nine Continent 30mm Rear Cassette Motor
Nine Continent 2800 Series Front
Nine Continent 2800 Series Rear
Nine Continent 2700 Series Front Disk
Nine Continent 2700 Series Rear Disk
MXUS 30mm Rear Cassette Motor
Large DD45 Rear XOFO Motor
Gen2 Stokemonkey (discontinued 2015)
Crystalyte SAW Stokemonkey
Geared Stokemonkey (Bafang G02)
Stokemonkey Side Profile, 1:1 Scale

Torque Sensors:

Grin Troubleshooting Guides

Testing for Blown Mosfets
Hall Sensor Testing
Hub Motor Hall Sensor Replacement
Hub Motor Stator Removal
Throttle Testing
Replacing an eZee Battery BMS


Early UBC Term Paper on Ebike Energy Analysis vs. Regular Bikes
Justin's Article on the Coming Age of Electric Bicycles for Momentum Magazine



JST-SM Series
Anderson Powerpoles
TTL-USB Cable Drivers:
TTL-USB Drivers

Grin's 3D CAD Models

Grin All Axle Motor, 3D Model