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Here is a brand new photo gallery that is open to any of our customers for showcasing their EV projects built using Grin hardware. If you'd like to see yours in the list, please feel free to make your own submission. Right now we're doing a draw EVERY WEEK among all the recently submitted projects and the winner gets to choose either a free Satiator, Phaserunner, $150 store credit, or a 15% off coupon code for their next order. Show the world what you've built and upload now! (An account with is required).

Update: Amazing, over 200+ projects and summer isn't even over, thanks for making this such a hit. We gave out another 5 prizes in August so far (2 staff picks, 3 weekly draw winners) and have our final weekly draw slated for this Friday. We'll also be printing off actual photos of many builds in this project gallery as part our ebike exibit at the Fully Charged Live! show to showcase the amazing community of DIY ebike builders contributing to this movement. 


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