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Catrike Road & BOB Ibex trailer solar conversion.

Canada, Quebec



The goal for this trike is to make long distances while caring enough material to camp along the way.

2 x 170W on the trike + 170W on the trailer for a total of 510 possible solar watts.
2 x 1Kwh battery pack ( 48V, 40Ah total )
So far, the trike use roughly 11Wh/km @ 32km/h

1 x Catrike Road 20 in, bought from Catrike
1 x BOB Gear Ibex trailer, bought from BOB Gear
1 x Rear 500W Gmac 10T Geared motor, bought from Grintech.
1 x Baserunner_L10 controller, bought from Grintech.
2 x 48V 20Ah LiPo battery, in parallel, bought from Aliexpress.
1 x Cycle Analyst v3, bought from Grintech.
3 x Genasun 48V Solar MPPT, to minimize shading issues, bought from Grintech.
1 x Solar Current Sense, bought from Grintech.
3 x Sunpower Solar panels (170W ea), bought from Grintech.
1 x ERider T9 Torque sensing bottom bracket, bought from Grintech.