Grin Products

Grin Products

All-Axle Hub Motor

The All Axle motor takes the simplicity and robustness of the direct drive hub motor, and optimizes it for the modern bike platform. This hub is fully compatible with all quick release and thru-axle bike forks, it is over 30% lighter than standard generic hubs of similar power (4kg vs 6kg), and can be used in single side applications too.


Info Page for the CA Analogger Device


The Baserunner is a slim profile field-oriented motor controller that fits inside the baseplate of popular downtube battery packs. This product is based around ASI’s BAC355 controller platform ,but is configured and connectorized to be much easier to wire up in an aftermarket ebike.

Battery Anchors

Many aftermarket ebike battery packs don’t come with the best hardware for securing them to the bicycle frame. We’ve tackled this problem with a range of machined aluminum battery anchors that are much more versatile, from the popular double and triple bob’s to more specific solutions for things like the eZee flat packs.

Cycle Analyst V3

Official webpage for the V3 Cycle Analyst


The Frankenrunner is another field oriented motor controller collaboration with ASI based on their more powerful BAC855 capable of up to 72V operation. It is produced as a stopgap controller in between the availability of the V3 and V4 Phaserunners devices.


We built the Battery Grinspector as a relatively inexpensive tool for ebike shops and advanced users that need to discharge test and characterize ebike battery packs. It is controlled with a Cycle Analyst running a modified firmware and allows you to charge and discharge the battery pack into any external load at currents up to 35 amps, and produces a full discharge curve including internal resistance measurements.

LiGo Batteries

The LiGo battery is a modular 36V pack designed and manufactured at Grin that is just under the 100 Wh limit allowed for passenger air travel. This allows you to bring multiple small batteries with you in your carry-on baggage, and then hook the packs together to behave as a single large battery once you have landed.


The Phaserunner was our first major controller partnership with ASI to bring their high performance field-oriented controller platform into a form factor and connector standard that worked well with ebike systems. It can support up to 72V nominal batteries and works well with systems running upwards of 2000 watts.


Webpage for a programmable battery charger for 24V to 52V nominal packs.


Statorade is a specially formulated ferrofluid that improves the thermal performance of direct drive hub motors. Just a small amount added to the motor magnets can double the thermal conductivity of the core, allowing the hubs to be driven harder and longer before risk of overheating.

Torque Arms

Description of Hub Motor Torque Arm offerings from Grin Technolgies

Tripwire Ebrake Cutoff

The tripwire adds an electric brake cutoff signal to existing hydraulic or mechanical brake levers through a clever cable pull reed switch sensor.. This way you don’t have to replace the brake levers that are already installed on your bicycle but can instead leave them in place and add just the electronic sensor to trigger regenerative braking.

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