Grin Products

Grin Products

Grin's All-Axle Hub Motor (New - Beta)

An new hub motor option for front forks compatible with regular quick release and both 15mm and 20mm thru axles. Weighs just 3.9kg, over 35% less than a typical direct drive motor of comparable torque and power.
Grin All Axle Hub Motor

Cycle Analogger

Device for recording and logging trip data from a Cycle Analyst to an SD memory card, for use with our online Trip Analyzer software

Cycle Analogger

Battery Anchors

A universal version of the clever 'twist' battery rail concept that will allow you to attach the eZee flat battery to almost any bike rack or structure...

Cycle Analyst V2

The Cycle Analyst (formerly called DrainBrain) is the first digital dashboard and battery monitor originally designed around the specific needs of electric bicycles...

Cycle Analyst V2

Cycle Analyst V3

The next generation of CA enables fully customized control of an ebike, with throttle ramping, torque and PAS sensors, autocruise, thermal rollback, mode presets etc...

V3 Cycle Analyst

Cycle Lumenator (discontinued - 2016)

Ebike batteries normally range in voltage from 24V up to 72V, while most bike lights and accessories are made to run off 6V or 12V. At GRIN we've solved this by producing our own line of lighting components to run off a super wide input voltage for direct connection to any ebike battery pack, no separate voltage converter required...

Cycle Satiator

Our latest product is a universal 360 watt sealed and programmable battery charger for all kinds of packs. Regular 4808 model works wih 24V-55V nominal batteries (up to 63V max) while 7205 model goes all the way up to 103V.
Cycle Satiator

DC-DC Converters

Our DC-DCs are rugged and compact, completely potted in thermal epoxy leaving no concern of water, dust or snow damage, or of exposed metal pins shorting out against the bike frame...


Our series of ruggedized LED ebike lights stemmed in part from frustration with all the inexpensive flashing bike lights out there...

Grinfineon Controller

Grin's take on the popular Infineon controller series with customized firmware for proportional regenerative braking, dual sensored/sensorless operation, Cycle Analyst plug compatibility, and other features
Grinfineon Controller

LiGo Batteries (New for 2017)

Our Sub-100 Wh stackable 36V battery module suitable for air travel and those wanting a modular battery system with multi-pack redundancy.
LiGo Batteries

Phaserunner Controller (New)

The most compact and sophisticated field oriented motor controller in its power class, suitable for brushless motors in the 500-2000 watt power range.
Phaserunner Thumbnail

Statorade Motor Coolant (New)

A specially formulated ferrofluid which gives all the benefit of oil cooling to a hub motor stator without any of the leakage, mess, or motor drag.
Statorade Thumbnail

Torque Arms

Torque arms are used to prevent axle rotation in hub motors. When a hub motor is powered up running, for all the torque that the motor generates spinning a wheel forwards, there is an equal and opposite torque on the axle causing it to rotate backwards...