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Marin Nicasio RC Conversion

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



I wanted an ebike to help with longer commutes so I can have more energy to go on fun road rides after. I bought this beautiful Marin Nicasio RC used because of the upright riding position and 8 speed Nexus IGH which I think makes it perfect for a commuter already. I did the conversion with a Grin Front All-Axle Cycle Analyst 3 conversion kit, with a 48V, 20Ah battery.

A huge THANK YOU to Peter and Justin at Grin for all their help! This bike is so much fun and is really going to help me get around.

Building the wheel

I'm lacing the hub to an AlexRims MD27.

Smaller parts

My tweaks

I did a few things to make my build a little more polished.

Printables link for the PAS plug cap: