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1977 Fuji S10-S

Ojai, California, USA



## Concepts in mind

maintain original appearance/be minimal, made for active pedalling, keep under max speed the bike was originally intended for. Most of the challenges were related to the bike's age.

## Lessons learned

- the 22ah battery is heavy
- when only going around town
- use a smaller battery
- buy a second battery
- make my own
- Old bikes have likely been crashed
- Check/adjust spoke tension
- adjust wheel alignment
- fork alignment
- any other alignments you can think of, it likely needs
- Old bikes are ... old
- new tyres and tubes
- grease crank and head bearings

## Next project

Figure out if I can find a cylindrical power supply based on the 4680 Cell. I'd like to make it look like a water bottle to blend in aesthetically with a pair of 1967 Schwinn Typhoons I'm restoring.