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Regen SX1 Metrofiets Cargo Bike

Portland Oregon USA



This is my Metrofiets cargo bike, now with a stealthy little ebike conversion capable of regen braking. Metrofiets were designed and built right here in Portland OR, USA and are equal parts style and function. It is so much fun to ride around on such a unique piece of Portland bike history. The motor helps make long rides on this heavy bike less daunting.

My goal in the conversion was to give myself a little boost to average speed and do regenerative braking without being too obvious. I also wanted a bike that encourages me to keep pedaling, not just let it do all the work, so I added a BB torque sensor. I think this achieves those goals pretty well and I'm happy with it.
Conversion list:
20Ah Battery
Baserunner Z9 (mounting under the cargo area, not in the battery)
SX1 w/ Regen front hub motor
E-Rider torque sensing BB

Overview plus summary of a 60mi ride: