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Supercyclette Tour




Last year, I built 2 light electric vehicules in France, basing my design on an open-source french concept : the Vhélio (
In one month, I built two of them from scratch. The first item was bought on June 5th and the date of departure was set for July 17th. on July 16th, the bike rolled out of the workshop for their first 17km. The morning of the next day, we did 90 km, and went on for the following 2880 km.
8 of my friends joined the trip, taking over each other. We left from Paris, aiming the Basque Country near the Spanish border (my grand-parents place).
We had a solar powered trailer containing all of our tent and stuff. My first trikes, my first bike trip, my first real adventure, with my friends ! What an amazing experience.
And I'm doing it again with new vehicules this summer. I had a Cycle Analyst V3 installed on board. Great piece of equipment !