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The 18650 reCycled Old Mountain Goat




Recycled dual suspension bike, recycled batteries, recycled BBS02, recycled Cycle Analyst, 10 year old Grinfineron controller and a recycled Old Goat. This time 8p16s cell arrangement, (batteries individually tested), charged to 64 V. (4 V/cell max). Same air cooled, individually fused, clipped in ( not welded) 18650 construction that make for a easily accessible, intrinsically safe shock cord mounted pack. Thermal runaway naturally subdued. This massive power flows through a 20 A Grinfineon motor controller wired directly to a Bafang BBS02 mid drive refitted with a ( recycled) 20 tooth front chainring. (Speed achieved with 48 tooth.) This torque monster abuses a 7 speed cassette to finally drive 26" recycled trick bike tires. Gold trim. Light, efficient, fast, yet agile uphill. Goat approved.