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Vintage Schwinn Upcycle

Gettysburg, PA, USA



Fixed up and converted this old (late 60's/early70's) Schwinn Breeze for my wife back in 2000 as a Covid lockdown project. We found the bike in a scrap pile, but the original seat and green grips were in good shape! It's a 36V G311 geared front hub with cycle analyst bought as a kit from Grin. Front wheel relaced with HD spokes and rear rack added with 'California Prunes' crate for housing/hiding the controller and battery. It has cadence sensor with adjustable assist plus a thumb throttle. I initially built a small 10 cell battery and have just ordered a larger battery from Grin to replace it with for extended range. She loves the bike and I'm planning a similar build for my old Raleigh Sports so I can keep up with her! The kit was a snap to put together, the online tools were really helpful for spec-ing out all the components, and this was a really fun project that gets a lot of attention everywhere she goes. Most people are stunned to find out it's electric. Old bikes make great e-bikes!