Cycle Lumenator

Page Last Modified On: May 6, 2022

2016 End of Life Update

After 7 years of manufacturing the original Cycle Lumenator ebike light we are a bit sad to announce the complete discontinuation of this product. The primary reason for this is that the aluminum housings for the lumenator light are no longer available to us. These were items re-purposed from a halogen bike light from the late 1990's and the tooling has been retired. Plus, we also strongly believe that all bright bicycle lights should at least strive to meet the German StVZO requirements for minimal light above the horizon to reduce blinding light for oncoming traffic, and the Lumenator even with our narrower focus lens was still far from meeting this ideal.

We would love to announce a Lumenator 2.0 product that is in a similar brightness level using more refined optics and a CNC machined housing of our own design, but we aren't ready for that. So in the meantime we have two reasonably nice Taiwanese made ebike lights that also feature a wide voltage input range and a DC5.5x2.1mm jack to be powered directly from a Cycle Analyst. The RoximX4 we've modified with a handlebar on/off switch and has a super wide 6-85V range,  while the somewhat lower power Benex200 has auto on/off functionality based on brightness and motion sensing.  

Original Lumenator Reference Page

The Cycle Lumenator is our brightest light by far. With four Cree XP-G LEDs driven at 750mA, this device puts out a stunning 1000 lumens of light. We designed it for people who want to ride at night on the same footing as cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles on the road. The beam angle is wider than most bike lights which tend to have a sharp focus to a single spot, so the Lumenator will brighten the entire terrain ahead of you, not just a small circle on the pavement.
Notice that the full brightness of the Cycle Lumenator can be overwhelming to oncoming traffic on dimly lit separated paths. Care should be taken to dim the level of a Multi-Brightness Lumenator or angle the light sharply down when riding in friendly situations to not offend approaching cyclists and pedestrians. We recommend using a smaller (1 watt range) LED light for being seen on bike paths, parks, and other places where people rather than vehicles are present and more subtlety is required. See our Electrolights range of products.
Watch the Lumenator in action: Overview Video from

Cycle Lumenator Featureslumenator

  • Powered straight from Ebike Battery
  • Four Cree XP-G LEDs (some of the highest lm/W available)
  • Rainproof Metal Housing with Plastic Mounting Equipment
  • On/Off Button
  • Adjustable Handlebar Bracket
  • Made in Canada (Circuits + Assembly) and Taiwan (Housing)
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Multiple Brightness Levels option

Cycle Lumenator Specifications

  • 1000 Lumens from 4x Cree XP-G R4's driven at 750mA
  • 15-100V DC Input Voltage
  • 10 Watts Input Power
  • 5.5x2.1mm DC Power Jack
  • 41mm diameter x 78mm length (1.6" dia. x 3" length)

Multiple Brightness option

For those that find the Lumenator too bright to use on bike paths etc. we offer a multiple brightness level Lumenator that allows you to run the Lumenator at 3 different brightness levels (10W, 2W, 0.5W). 

grin bracket

Mounting Bracket

The Cycle Lumenator comes with a handlebar clamp and mounting bracket for easy attachment to any bike with lateral and up/down directional alignment. No tools are required for installation.

Power from Cycle Analyst

Those with Cycle Analyst (V2.3 or newer) can power a Cycle Lumenator directly from their CA using the supplied 5.5x2.1mm DC plug cable.

Input Power

The internal DC-DC converter of the Cycle Lumenator efficiently steps down any input voltage in the range 15-100V into a constant 750mA current source driving the four Cree XP-G LEDs in series at about 12.8V. Click on the graph to the left to see the input current requirements of the light over its full input voltage range.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The light housing gets pretty hot, is this normal?
It is normal that the Cycle Lumenator housing will get pretty warm when the light is on. Even though these Cree LEDs are remarkably efficient, there is still several watts of heat to dissipate through the housing of the light. In flowing air, the casing temperature will rise about 25°C above ambient, while if the light is left on when the bike is still the casing can get 50°C warmer than ambient. That will feel hot to the touch, but all of the components inside are rated to take these temperatures and more so there is no worry. For best practice, turn the light off when the bike is sitting still, especially indoors.
Can I run it from the hub without a battery or with a dead battery?
Yes, if you have a direct drive hub motor (Nine Continent, Crystalyte, Wilderness Energy etc). The Cycle Lumenator can even be powered by a standard unregulated bicycle generator/dyno-hub. Due to the significant power requirements, the light will flicker while the bike is getting up to speed, especially with a regular 3W dyno-hub. Let us know if you are interested in using our lights with bicycle dyno-hubs.
Can I run the Cycle Lumenator from a 12V source?
12V is enough to power up the light, but the full power of the Cycle Lumenator is unleashed only at source voltages of 15-100V.