36V 24Ah eZee Flat Battery with Samsung 35E cells, 35A Balancing BMS
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36V 24Ah LiMn battery with Samsung 35E Cells, 35A, BMS

Features include:

  • Anderson connectors for power
  • ON/OFF key switch,
  • Can be mounted onto eZee seatpost and double decker racks
  • Fits inside eZee battery bag

For more information please see the eZee battery page

More Information
Actual Weight (kg) 4.0800
ETA Jun. 8, 2016
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 348x141x59
Mounting Type Rear Rack
Nominal Voltage 36 Volt (10s)
Full Charge Voltage 42
Capacity (Amp-Hours) 20
Watt-hours at 20A Discharge 730
Cell Type Panasonic NCR18650 PF, 10S x 7P
Internal Resistance (Ohms) 0.142
Connector(s) Anderson, XLR
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