Cycle Analyst with Stand Alone Shunt. For use with Ebike Systems that Don't Have a Cycle Analyst Plug on the Motor Controller 

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1mOhm Cycle Analyst Stand Alone Shunt

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    Stand Alone Cycle Analyst

    The Stand Alone Model includes a precision 1mOhm molded shunt that wires inline with the battery leads, and can be used on any ebike systems that don't have a CA-DP or CA-WP plug on their connector. Instead, the CA3 can now plug in directly to the shunt.

    By default, this will just provide monitoring of the system performance. If you want to actually control the ebike via the Cycle Analyst, then you must also wire the green throttle output wire in the shunt pigtail to the actual throttle input line of your motor controller.  

    Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26mm

    140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector to the shunt. Shunt as 12 AWG pre-stripped leads and is rated for 50A continuous current.  

    Battery leads can be pre-terminated with Anderson Powerpoles or XT90's if required

    For more information please see the Cycle Analyst homepage

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