V3 Direct Plug Cycle Analyst with Waterproof 8 Pin HiGo CA Plug (Replaces CA3-DP).

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    V3 Direct Plug Cycle Analyst with Waterproof 8 Pin Hico (WP8) CA plug, instead of the original 6 pin JST plug used on the CA3-DP devices. 

    This unit is primarily sold for two purposes:

    #1 Coupled with JST to WP8 adapter cable for an equivalent product to the original CA3-DP devices for compatibility with old controllers that have a 6 pin JST plug

    #2 For use along with the Main9 Superharness and KM5s Display for people who want a CA3 display to show analytic data, while the Superharness itself actually controls the motor controller. The CA3 in this scenario will turn on and off automatically with the regular display on/off power, and the throttle output of the CA3 will always be overidden by that of the superharness. The CA3 effectively has no control over the system regardless of the settings. 

    Note: This model does not connect to our CA3-MFSwitch (for the on/off power button and digital up/down controls). It will power on whenever there is power supplied at the WP8 connector.  

    For MF-Switch compatibility, see our CA3-WPx and MFSwitch model.

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