Store Under Maintenance, Apr 2nd - 12th 

Grin's storefront will be disabled until Monday while we rollout and test a number of system changes, and also catch up processing and shipping all the backlogged orders we have in the queue.  You should still be able to add items to your cart and have them ready to checkout when we re-enable the store on the 12th.  See our blog post for more details. 


Grin Technologies has dealers and business partners located around the world and there is a chance that some items you are looking for may be available locally. Every shop and business is unique and has their own list of items that they like to carry or have expertise with however, and none are going to be grin rep's or offer everything in our catalog. Use the filter at the top which lets you quickly narrow down the dealer list by country or state/province, and also by product group.

Thank you for supporting your local ebike shops. 

Interested in becoming a Grin Tech Dealer? please email us: