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ERider-T9N Torque Sensor for 68mm BB Shells with 165mm Miranda Cranks and 5 Bolt 130mm BCD Chainring Spider. Side Cable Exit.

Chainrings Not Included

Availability: In stock
ERider torque sensor and crankset for 68mm wide bottom bracket shells with a 5 bolt 130mm spider, compatible with most double and single chainring setups found on road bikes. Unlike most other bottom bracket torque sensors, the ERider-T9N model has a cable exit from the side of the cartridge and does not require drilling a hole through the frame. This torque sensor accurately measures both left and right pedal torques and enables a very responsive PAS system.

Includes 0 Q factor 165mm Miranda Cranks.

Chainrings are not included and would typically be moved over from the original crankset to this one during installation.

This sensor has an 18 pole single wire cadence sensor and a 1.5V - 3.5V output voltage that is proportional to crank torque with a scaling of 70 Nm/V. Includes 90cm long cable terminated with JST-SM connector, plug-and-play with V3 Cycle Analyst

More Information
Actual Weight (kg) 1.06
ETA Sep. 29, 2020
Connector(s) Higo Signal C, JST-SM
PAS Poles 18
PAS Encoder Style 1-Wire
Torque Scale 70 Nm/V
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