Flexible Ebike Cable Raceway

4 Pieces of Snap Together Black Plastic Cable Raceway, 15 and 20mm Wide, 50cm long. Self Adhesive Tap Bonds to Bicycle Tube, Perfect for Hiding Cable Runs. 

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We had this cable raceway produced to provide concealed cable runs on bike frames without the headach of wraping and unrwapping spiral wrap. It is especially well suited for running signal cables along the down tube, top tube, and rear stays.  

The raceway has a self adhesive tape on the back that bonds well to metal tubing, and has a snap on lid that can be opened to provide cable access and snapped closed to keep everything tucked in place. The plastic is flexible enough that it can conform to gentle bends as well. 

Kit includes:

  • QTY 2 pieces: 15mm x 10mm, 50cm long
  • QTY 2 pieces, 20mm x 10mm, 50cm long
More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Actual Weight (kg) 0.25
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