Hub Sink Set

V2 HubSink Set for Optimal Cooling of Direct Drive Hub Motors with Statorade. Includes thermal grease and hardware. Statorade sold separately.

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V2 HubSink cooling fins for greatly increasing the cooling capabilities of 218-224mm shell diameter (9C, Crystalyte 'H', MXUS etc.) direct drive hub motors that contain Statorade. The 6-piece solution bolts onto the ring of existing direct drive hub motors and provides much more area moving heat from the magnet ring to ambient air, increasing the cooling effect by up to 20% over just Statorade alone. 

Note The new Crysatlyte 'UFO' motors are slightly too small in diameter for the Hubsinks to fit tight. Usage with a UFO motor requires a thermal pad material to make up the difference in diameter.

See our Statorade Info page for more details 

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Country of Manufacture Australia
Actual Weight (kg) 0.4