Laser 250W Power Rating

Laser Engrave 250 Watt Continuous Power Rating on Motor Side Plate.  ALL Hub Motors have an Operating Point (RPM and Allowable Temperature) where 250 W is Max Continuous Capability. 

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Contrary to common assumption, European ebike legislation does NOT limit the maximum output power of the electric motor to 250 watts. Rather they define a maximum continuous rated power output for the motor when it has reached thermal equilibrium, at the manufacturer defined maximum operating temperature.

That's why industry leading Bosch and other "EU" systems will pull upwards of 800 watts of battery power. Ebikes would be far less popular in europe if they were truly limited to just 250 watts. 

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a meaningful or unified power rating for electric motors, as we have explained here, hence we don't generally classify or characterize motors by power ratings. But this has caused difficulties for customers who need some official power spec to demonstrate compliance, so we offer a laser engraving service to those who need this.

Even our largest hub motor will struggle to put out 250 watts of mechanical power continuously if heavily loaded and running at a very low RPM with poor air flow, which is why we have no problem to engrave a 250 watt rating to facilitate compliance with this ill-conceived legislation. 

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