Crystalyte The Crown motor, Fast Wind in 24" Downhill Rim, with Hall Sensors and Thermistor
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Crystalyte The Crown motor, fast wind in 24 inch Downhill rim

The Crown motor is the latest heavy duty motor from Crystalyte. Weighing around 24 pounds with 135mm dropouts, it is intended for off-road and high power applications. At these power levels torque arms are essential, and if you aren't making your own custom arms we recommend installing dual Rev4 Rear torque arms from our site. The hub is laced in rugged downhill grade 34mm wide rim.

More Information
Actual Weight (kg) 11.1
Manufacturer Crystalyte
Motor Nominal Wheel Size 24" (ISO 507)
Motor Power Range (Watts) 1000-2000
Motor KV (RPM / V) 11.2
Phase Resistance (Ohm) 0.072
Disk Brake Compatible Yes
Axle Length (O.L.D.) 140
Rim Brake Compatible No
Rim Width (mm) 37.5
Spoke Holes 36 Hole
Motor Type Direct Drive
Flange Spoke Diameter (mm) 230
Magnetic Pole Pairs (Phaserunner) 23
Speedo Poles (for CA) 23
Hysteresis Losses (N-m) 0.76
Eddie Losses (N-m / rad/sec) 0.028
Motor Inductance (H) 0.00023
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