Phaserunner BBSHD Motor Harness

Phaserunner Motor Cable Harness for BBSHD Mid-drive Systems. 

The current BBSHD motor harness doesn't have a plug-and-play connection with the Cycle Analyst V3. A new harness will be available soon. 

Cable harness for mating the Phaserunner to a BBSHD drive system. This allows for a mostly plug and play replacement of the stock internal controller of a BBSHD system when upgrading to an external Phaserunner controller. The harness includes wiring to bring the temperature and PAS sensor of the motor right up to the Cycle Analyst, so that you can use the Cycle Analyst's PAS functionality and thermal rollback without any additional components. The controller end is terminated in MT60 plugs and the male JST-SM for the hall sensors, while the motor side has spade terminals and a 6 pin hall connector and 4 pin PAS connector. The PAS and Temperature signal cables are brought up to compatible 5pin and 2 pin male JST plugs for the CA, and include a built-in 10V->5V regulator so that the PAS sensor gets the appropriate 5V power supply.
More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
Actual Weight (kg) .2
Connector(s) JST-SM, MT60
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