RShunt Tester

Precision mOhm Meter for Accurate RShunt Calibration of Motor Controllers. Tool for OEM's and Dealers, and Hard Core Enthusiasts
This is a precision mOhm tester that we designed for people who need a quick, easy, and accurate way of measuring shunt resistances both on motor controllers and stand-alone shunts in order to have accurate amps and watt readings. Just plug this device into the controller's battery connection and CA plug and press the button, and it will show the shunt resistance with a resolution to the nearest 0.001 mOhm. A rechargeable 30Q lithium cell supplies the 3 amp injection current through the shunt circuit via the battery leads allowing this tester to be self contained.

Includes plugs for both the original 6-pin JST standard and the new 8-pin Waterproof CA plug.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
Actual Weight (kg) 0.2