Multifunction Switch for CA3-WP, with On/Off Power, Up/Down Digital Aux Buttons, and Screen Toggle. 45 cm cable length.
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Replacement nultifunction handlebar switch for CA3-WP devices. Has on/off power control, up/down digi-aux buttons to control assist or power levels, and button to remotely change the CA display and do trip reset. Hinged clamp allows for installation without removing grips and other hardware from the handelbar.

Note: This is is a replacement switch device for people who already have a CA3-WP unit with a small waterproof 5 pin MFSwitch plug on it. It is NOT meant as an additional accessory for CA3-DP or CA3-DPS devices that lack this plug. Those units are not wired internally to support the remote on/off power switching. For that please use the standard Digi Aux up/down control, and a separate on/off power switch on the motor controller or battery pack.

45 cm cable length.

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