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Short WP8 Female Cable with Pigtail Leads for Modifying Controllers for New CA3-WP Compatibility
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24cm cable with WP8 connector that can be used for upgrading motor controllers to use the new 8 pin CA plug standard. See this guide for complete details. Six of the colours (red, black, blue, white, green, and yellow) connect exactly the same way as the 6-pin JST plug, while the extra orange wire is for the on/off key switch return, and the extra grey wire is a pass-thru for the motor temperature sensor.

  • Red: Connection to positive battery bus.
  • Orange: Key Return. When the handlebar On/Off switch is on, then this is connected to V+ from the red wire. Normally this pad is labelled K or K+ on the motor controller PCB. On a Grinfineon controller, it would be the same as one of the wires from the on/off switch.  
  • Black: Connection to Ground reference, negative battery bus.
  • Blue: Negative (battery) side of the controller's shunt resistor
  • White: Positive (mosfet) side of the controller's shunt resistor
  • Yellow: Pass-thru for vehicle speed sensor, either a hall pin (for direct drive motors) or an internal speedo (for geared motors)
  • Green: Throttle input signal
  • Grey: Pass through of motor temperature signal
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