Miniature 5V PAS Regulator

Tiny 10V to 5V Regulator for Running 3rd Party PAS Sensors with CA3
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This is a tiny 5V regulator for people using a 3rd party PAS sensors with the CA3 device. It can be neatly wired inline with the 10V power from the CA's 5 pin PAS plug to step that down to 5V for powering the PAS circuitry. This eliminates the risk of blowing a PAS sensor circuit that isn't rated to handle 10V supplies, and is tidier than tapping into the 5V wire from the throttle or Aux cables.

Soldering required of course. We figure if you're hacking in an existing PAS plug to use the CA3 then this will be par for the course.

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Country of Manufacture Canada
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