TTL-USB Programming Cable

3m Long TTL-> USB programming cable for Satiator, Baserunner, Phaserunner and Cycle Analyst.

*Note: All kits come pre-programmed, and most system behaviour is configurable with the Cycle Analyst buttons. But this cable is necessary if you plan to change more advanced controller settings or update device firmware*

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TTL-> USB programming cable is used for connecting any Grin produced electronic devices (Cycle Analyst, Phaserunner, Baserunner, Satiator etc.) to a computer for setting changes add firmware updates etc. 

  • Extra long 3m cable allow reaches bicycle even when computer isn't very close
  • 0-5V level serial data signal on TRRS port
  • Uses authentic FTDI  USB to Serial chipset
  • Drivers automatically downloaded on most OS platforms
  • Includes protection circuitry against high voltage, shorts, and static electricity

Please download the user manual for full info and caveats.

Also available in the US directly on Amazon Prime.

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Country of Manufacture Canada
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