DIY Mains Cable Harness for V4 Baserunners/Frankenrunners

A Breakout Board to the 9-pin Mains Cable of Frankenrunners and V4 Baserunners For Making Custom Cable Harnesses.

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A bare PCB version of the 9-pin mains cable that allows you to custom solder in place your own throttle, e-brake, on/off switch, fwd/rev switch wires with any connector and cable length of your choosing.  This also has pads for the Tx and Rx communication signaling when using 3rd party displays that operate with the KM5s protocol. 

Top layer breakout pads:

  • B+ - Battery positive voltage, always live.
  • K+ - On/Off Key return. Short to K+ to turn controller on.
  • G - Ground
  • +5V - 5V power for throttle etc... Max 30 mA.
  • G - Additional Ground
  • EBk - Analog input 2 (brake 1) can be mapped to throttle or regen brake control.
  • G - Additional Ground
  • Rev - Forwards/reverse input (must set reverse on cruise enable)

Bottom layer breakout pads:

  • T1 - Analog input 1 (throttle)
  • G - Ground
  • +5v - 5v power for throttle etc... Max 30 mA
  • TX - Display communication transmit
  • RX - Display communication receive
  • G - Additional Ground
  • K+ - Additional tap to key return useful for powering headlights etc... Turns On/Off with key switch.
  • B+ - Additional tap for battery, useful for powering headlights. Always energized.


Once soldered the PCB should be fully encapsulated in conformal coating or potting resin to waterproof the junction.


IMPORTANT NOTE: High levels of care are required to ensure that the V+ battery voltage wire is not inadvertently shorted to one of the other signal wires. This can cause permanent and telltale hardware failure of the Frankenrunner controller and is not covered by warranty. Be sure to do all soldering and cable harness prep without the cable connected to the motor controller, and only hook it up to the controller when you are confident in your workmanship.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
Connector(s) HiGo D 1109
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 22.3 cm length
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