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V2.4 or V3.0 Cycle Analyst with Stand Alone Shunt. For use with Conversion Systems that Don't Have 6-Pin CA-DP Plug.

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    Stand Alone Cycle Analyst

    The Stand Alone Model includes a precision 1mOhm molded shunt that wires inline with a battery pack, and can be used on any ebike systems that don't have a 6-pin CA-DP plug on their connector. Instead, the 6-pin plug is wired to the separate shunt device. Use the CA3.0 device if you want the Cycle Analyst to control your bike and add PAS/Torque control modes or power/speed limiting features, and use the V2.4 CA if you primarily want just a monitoring device.

    Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26mm

    140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector to the shunt. Shunt as 12 AWG pre-stripped leads and is rated for 50A continuous current.  

    Battery leads can be pre-terminated with Anderson Powerpoles or XT90's if required

    Comes with handlebar mounting bracket

    For more information please see the Cycle Analyst homepage