Geared Wheelbarrow Motor with Agricultural Tire

Electric Wheelbarrow motor with high 30:1 Gear Reduction Ratio, (3.1 RPM/V), Includes Deep Tread Tire for Soft Terrain

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This geared wheelbarrow motor has the same internal motor as the popular G311 ebike hubs but with a higher 30:1 gear ratio, giving it plenty of torque at more appropriate speed. The motor has no clutch so can be used for regenerative braking and is an excellent match with our Baserunner motor controller. This motor fits standard 16" wheelbarrow tires and allows you to convert most wheelbarrows to electric assist with a bit of DIY hacking. Comes with a matching inner tube and Tire installed. 

Uses 9-pin overmolded Higo Z910 waterproof connector with an internal temperature sensors.. 

More Information
Country of Manufacture China
Actual Weight (kg) 7
Motor MFG Bafang
Motor Nominal Wheel Size 16" (ISO 305)
Motor Power Range (Watts) 250-500
Motor KV (RPM / V) 3.1
Disk Brake Compatible Yes
Connector(s) Z910
Thermistor Style 10K NTC, B~3450 + 10K Pullup (Bafang Style)
Axle Length (O.L.D.) 150
Spoke Holes 0
Motor Type Geared
Magnetic Pole Pairs (Phaserunner) 237
Hysteresis Losses (N-m) 1.36
Eddie Losses (N-m / rad/sec) .0136