Solar Current Sense

16A Hall Effect Current Sensor for Solar CA Firmware.
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+- 16 Amp Hall Effect current sensor for measuring solar charging current with a V3 Cycle Analyst, separate from the discharge current. Allows you to see your solar amps, watts, and watt-hours independently of the controller watts and watt-hours, and even lets you see a net solar watt-hour/km. Power leads are electrically isolated from the sensing signal, so no problems if the BMS circuit trips and changes the ground reference of the charge current cable.

This device is terminated with a 3 pin plug that mates to the Auxilliary input connector of the CA (this cable is 150cm long). As a result, you cannot use the analog aux input for limit settings, but you can still use the digital aux controls by having the up button short to Gnd directly and the down button short via a schottky diode to 0.4V.

In order to make this device work with the CA, the custom solar CA firmware will need to be installed. The Solar firmware shows not only how many watts your motor and controller are pulling from the battery, but also how many watts your solar system is putting back into it. Learn more about solar ebike systems.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
Actual Weight (kg) 0.0460
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) Cable length to CA - 150cm