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Dual Resistor Battery Load Bank

Dual Resistor Load Bank with Selection Switch. Discharges 36V Batteries at 2.5A, 5A, or 10A, and 48V Batteries at 3.5A, 7A, or 14A *Please allow 2-5 days manufacturing time

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Dual Resistor Battery Load Bank, for Discharging 36V and 48V Ebike Packs
Dual Resistor Battery Load Bank

In stock



    This is a configurable resistive load bank for discharge testing 52V and lower battery packs. A simple rotary switch reconfigures resistors in series and parallel and allows you pre-select low, medium, and high discharge rates at the turn of a dial. Turning the dial under load will result in shortened switch lifespan!

    The chimney style enclosure housing with bottom vents and insulated standoffs produce natural convection on all sides of the load resistors. This helps remove resistor heat and allows the aluminum shell to remain warm to the touch even with more than 700 watts of heat being dissipated. 

    *Please allow 2-5 days manufacturing time
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    Country of Manufacture Canada
    Actual Weight (kg) 2.5
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