Bosch Battery Charging Cable 1m

Bosch Compatible Charging Cable - 1m Long for Custom Hookup of Bosch Batteries to Solar MPPT etc. 

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1m cable with compatible plug to mate with Bosch ebike batteries. This cable is useful for those wanting to hook up an aftermarket charging solution to a Bosch battery pack, such as a solar MPPT charger or adapter for an aftermarket device. 

The Bosch batteries require 5V to be present on the yellow signal wire in order to open up the charging port of the BMS circuit, so the use of this cable requires also wiring up a regular circuit to generate the necessary 5V signal. If you can't figure out how to do that, this product is not for you.

For use with the Satiator charger, please get our XLR->Bosch adapter instead which has the necessary 5V signal circuitry inside the plug itself. 

Be aware that the highly resctrive BOSCH ebike system does not allow charging current to flow into the battery while it is being used on an ebike.  This is what you get for buying into a proprietary factory ebike standard.    

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Country of Manufacture China