Male L1019 Cable for All-Axle Motor

Stripped and Heatrshunk L1019 Male Motor Cable Pigtail. For Repair of All-Axle Hub Motors or Custom Motor Wiring

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48 cm length of 12 gauge motor phase + 7 signal cable terminated in male locking waterproof L10 plug. This is the same cable used in the manufacturing of our All-Axle hub motors and is already stripped and tinned to our specified wire lengths, with a flat section of FEP shrinkwrap to fit through the axle.

This cable is offered as a replacement for people who had incidents that damaged/severed their motor wire, like accidentally powering the motor without a torque arm secured or using a disk rotor with overly large screw heads. 

Some technical competency and soldering is naturally required to perform this repair.

It is also available for people who want to reterminate a 3rd party motor to use the L1019 connector plug for compatibility with our Phaserunner_L10 or Baserunner_L10 motor controllers. 

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Country of Manufacture China
Actual Weight (kg) 0.100